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"Blind Billy" (Birthday Boy)

Blind Billy is a 10 year old boy, who originally came over to the UK from Romania back in
winter 2019. 

After being rehomed twice and having a foster home too - it became clear Billy was really not
settling into home life - BUT is quite happy and settled in Kennels. So, we took Billy into
Elswick Kennels in April 2021 and this is where he stays. 

Billy's sight and legendary stroppy attitude make home life too much for him, but he has a
lovely little life here with us. 

He thrives on routine and doesn't get stressed at all as he knows his way around the place. 
Billy adores us here at the kennels, and gives us a full on bear hug everyday. Billy does not
cope well with meeting strange people and has bitten in the past. He doesn't  like too much
handling and will use his teeth to tell you when he has had enough - we know his limits, so
never put him in that position. 

Billy may be 10 yrs old, but he still acts like a puppy. He ALWAYS has a toy in his mouth -
the bigger and squeakier the better! His kennel is full of teddies and squeaky toys.

Billy likes to wear a snug coat in the winter and will allow us to put certain ones on, easy on
and off types. Nothing too complex to get on him or he gets stroppy.

Billy loves his food but is quite particular, and gets bored if you give him the same food every
day . His diet varies from tinned meat with a bit of kibble, to sardines, and he loves raw

Everyday Billy sits patiently waiting for his daily Baby Bel cheese. We tell him every day he
is costing us a fortune in Baby Bel's. But it’s a few minutes of his day he gets so excited
about, and we have a cuddle. 

Billy is an older boy, so is also on daily joint supplements - although sometimes he will pick
them out, so mostly we put them in pate.

It is unlikely that Billy will ever live in a home environment again - but we never say never.
Thank you for reading Billy's story.

Key Facts!

Blind Billy

  • Year arrived in rescue - 2019
  • Current age - 10 years old
  • Birthday - 12th December 
  • Sex - Male
  • Favourite thing - Squeaky toys
  • Favourite treat - Babybel Cheese

Elswick Kennels

  • Ongoing Treatments - YuMOVE

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