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How sponsorship works

Understanding our "Dog Sponsorship Scheme"

Choose Your Dog

Pick a dog to sponsor - choose a dog who reminds you of a beloved pet, or a dog with a story that tugs simply at your heartstrings.

Choose your sponsorship 

Set up your sponsorship and tell us how much you'd like to donate each week or month, or if you want to sponsor a dog for a year, as a gift.    

Get updates

Enjoy regular updates from your Sponsor Dog - you will receive updates from your chosen sponsor dog a minimum of three times a year, once you have given us your contact information.

The difference you’ll make

By sponsoring from £5, £10 or whatever amount you choose per month, you will be helping to support your chosen dog. By being their special friend, you will help to provide for any special diet, toys and treats, and as well as support for ongoing flea and worming treatments, vaccinations and any ongoing veterinary care that they might need such as Metacam or YuMOVE joint supplements. Your sponsorship directly helps your chosen sponsor dog, but may also be used to help other dogs in our care too.

Set up your sponsorship and tell us how much you'd like to donate each week or month, or for a gift for a year.

You can of course also make a one off donation without becoming a sponsor (and receiving the sponsor benefits).

What do sponsors receive?

Once you’re signed up, we will send you a photo of your new best friend. You will also receive a message from your chosen sponsor dog 3 times a year as well as occasional email updates.

Sponsor your dog here

1. Click below and securely set up your sponsor donation.
2. Once done, you will be returned to our site to complete your sponsor form. 
3. Sponsor benefits are only available to weekly and monthly sponsors.

If you don't have PayPal and want to set up a standing order straight from your Bank, please email, so that we can send you the sponsor contact details form.

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