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The Rehoming Process

Every year we find loving new homes for hundreds of German Shepherds dogs of all ages, every dog that comes through our rescue is assessed by one of our experienced team with the aim to ensure that the right home is found for each and every dog.
The UK German Shepherd Rescue is open for rehoming 7 days a week via this website (including Bank Holidays) We have been rehoming German Shepherds dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes since we opened our doors in September 2008.
Since we rehomed our first dog the UK German Shepherd Rescue has grown nationally through the trust others owners have placed upon us to find their best friend a safe secure and loving home.
Our rehoming and adoption team have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the German Shepherd breed and will guide you carefully through your stress-free adoption process plus provide knowledgeable aftercare to help you and your new dog settle perfectly.
1. Fill in the form

Before we start you need to complete our rehoming form, this applies to call dogs even urgent cases, the completed form is sent to several volunteers whom can help with the safe and careful moving and rehoming of your pet.  

2. Dog Asssor

A member of our dog assessment team will call you back, priority is given to urgent cases first. 

Our dog assessor will discuss your rehoming options with you.

3. Home Visit

A home check dog assessor (if applicable) will contact you and arrange a home visit to meet your dog and complete their assessment, this will involve our volunteer taking your dog for short walk.  

4. Coordinator 

If you are keeping your dog at home while we try and find them a new family our dog coordinator will manage your dogs adoption and keep you update of new homes etc. 

5. Their new home

Your home checkers are hard working inspecting new homes and families for your new dog, all homes are carefully vetted and vet references obtained. Not every home passes our home check but the ones that do are prefect. 

6. Meet your dog

Their new family will need to meet your dog before they adopt them, our volunteer will collect your dog and conduct a meet and greet in a local park where they can get to know your dog, if all goes well they will take them home... 

We do not rehome our dogs for security or guarding purposes.

  • Assistance dogs: Other than training to be assistance / care / PATT dogs all our dogs MUST only be used as family pets
  • Guarding: Should never be used for guarding or for the use of protection of personal or property.
  • Aggression: Should never be trained to show aggression for the use of protection of personal or property.
  • Property: We do not rehome to high raise flats/apartments or property with no garden or has shared or common ground or inadequate boundary fencing. 
  • Final say: We place the safety and security of our dogs at the forefront of all adoptions and have the right to change our mind and stop the adoption at anytime.  

Frequently asked questions

It is not always possible to remove a dog without prior planning, limited kennels space or emergency boarding kennels cost a lot of money and are often reserved for dogs at risk cases. You are welcome to pay for boarding if you need a dog moving straight away (subject to rescue agreement) 

Our rehoming service is completely free, although if you do need a dog removing straight away these will incur the rescue direct costs which they may ask you to cover. Generally most dogs are rehomed at now cost to yourself.

Yes many of our owners get updates to see how their pet is getting along. 

Microchip numbers are transferred to both the new owners and the rescue, should your pet ever got lost they will be safely returned for our rescue if their new owners cannot be contacted

Many dogs are rehomed within a few weeks, some in days. Good all round dogs tend to find home faster than dogs with issues, but what never fails to surprise us if that there really is somebody for every dog, it's nice that they all do get homes in the end.   

You must be 21 years and over to adopted a dog from our rescue, you must be the property owner or have written consent from from your landlord or approved tenancy agreement that allows dogs, have consent from parents if living at home. Live in a property that has a secure safe garden.

Rehoming Enquiry Form

Did you know

The UK-GSR never puts a healthy dog down.