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Layla is a 5 yr old German Shepherd cross, who arrived here from a kill shelter in Romania, back in October 2021.

Layla was scared of humans in the shelter, after being catch-poled into a truck and then into a pen. She was picked on by the bigger dogs in the shelter, so a kind rescuer asked us to take her.

When Layla arrived here she was so scared she hid in the corner of her kennel facing the wall for weeks. She would only eat & drink during the night when we weren't about.

After leaving Layla to observe us coming and going for a little while, we then used another dog- a husky called Bobby- to potter in and out of her kennel, as she clearly gained confidence from him being around. Pretty quickly Layla started following Bobby out into the exercise areas & her true personality began to shine through!
Layla soon showed us she wanted to interact with us, by nudging us, and jumping up at our legs. She adores any kind of toys & happily spends hours throwing teddies into the air!

Layla regresses back to the nervous girl when she is alone- so she has a permanent best friend in another sanctuary dog called Millie! They are inseparable & love playing chase, bitey face wrestling and tug of war with teddies!

Whilst Layla has been here a while we are confident she will eventually find that right forever home which must be with at least one other dog, and must be child free as they worry her.
Layla happily takes treats from our hands, and allows some human touch, but still flinches if we push it too much.

Layla loves anything lamb flavoured- food or treats! She loves teddies, and her favourite thing to do is pinch either our woolly hats or socks & throw them in the air to catch!

She loves her raw minces & although fussy with chewy treats- she adores chicken feet!

Layla is a happy little lady , who we are hopeful will have her own happy ever after one day, but for now she is one of the Sanctuary dog Family here at Elswick kennels.

Thank you for reading Layla's story. 

Key Facts!


  • Year arrived in rescue - 2021
  • Current age - 5 years old
  • Birthday - 10th August 
  • Sex - Female
  • Favourite thing - Teddies, woolly hats and socks
  • Favourite treat - Raw Mince & Chicken feet

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  • Ongoing Treatments - None

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