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When a rescuer in Romania sent Suzanne a picture of Millie back in early 2020, asking
could we help, the answer was of course an instant yes! 

Millie was in a kill shelter, with no chance of freedom - until UK-GSR offered her a lifeline
and in April 2020 she arrived with us at Elswick Kennels.
From the moment she stepped off the transport we knew she was going to be a long termer
as she was absolutely petrified of humans. It took several weeks before she would leave the
safety of her kennel and we learnt that the key to her progress was other dogs. Firstly, she
had a great pal called Teddy, who happily went to his forever home. Then she became best
pals with Lenny but sadly Lenny died of cancer before we could find him his happy ever after
home. Millie did mourn his loss but pretty soon found a new best friend in another little
Rommie called Layla. 

She is what we call a 'non-touch' dog - in that she will not allow us to stroke or pet her. Over
the months she has begun to nudge us from behind, and will gently nose our hands if we
don’t make eye contact.  Although we would love nothing more than to cuddle her - Millie
feels safe, loved and is very comfortable as she knows we will only do as much as she is
happy with.
Millie is now 5 yrs old and we call her Mrs Mop or The Mop! Millie is also nearly completely
deaf.  She is such a happy girl who spends hours playing chase and bitey-face-wrestling
with Layla. She always looks like she is laughing! 

Millie does suffer seasonal allergies, so has allergy meds in the summer months. We do give
her lots of natural remedies for example Collodial Silver and Aloe Vera juice. 

Millie loves tripe sticks, pigs ears and stuffed hooves and we very often find them wrapped
upa and hidden in a blanket in her kennel. She adores natural yoghurt on any of her food
and always has the pot to clean afterwards. She stands at the office door every evening
waiting for her half share in a packet of ham or chicken roll and she does such a funny
happy dance waiting for it.

We would love nothing more than to see Millie in a forever home – and we hope this day
eventually comes. But for now Millie is happy, safe and has a tummy full of good food.

Thankyou for reading Mrs Mop's story.

Key Facts!


  • Year arrived in rescue - 2020
  • Current age - 6 years old
  • Birthday - 20th May 
  • Sex - Female
  • Favourite thing - Playing with Layla
  • Favourite treat - Pigs Ears & Tripe Sticks

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  • Ongoing Treatments - Allergy Remedies

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