The Hopefuls 

Features dogs that have remained un-adopted in our kennels

********** THE HOPEFULS *********


We have several dogs here in our kennels that for various reasons we are struggling to find the right homes for. All of them have behavioural issues - many as a result of being let down by humans. All have waited a long time in kennels & really do deserve not to be kept being overlooked.

SO.... over the coming weeks they are all going to have their stories told in full feature pages which will include all of their journey & all of their quirks & issues & detail the type of home we are searching for.

Having owned several dogs with similar issues & not giving up on them- let me tell you, the ones who are the hardest work - are the most loving, the most rewarding & do leave the biggest gap when they're gone, so do not deserve to keep being overlooked.

Narla, gsd, german shepherd,
Abbie at the vets


We were originally introduced to Narla back in December 2019 when she was only 12 months old & due to owner working long hours, Narla was showing signs of seperation anxiety, so the owner asked us to help. We assessed her & our assessor found her to be a typical bouncy, jumpy uppy shep, who greeted her like a new best friend!
Narla was quickly rehomed as she was stunning & had a great solid temperament HOWEVER just one month laster in January 2020 she was returned to rescue for being too bouncy!!! ( Not sure what else was expected of a lively one year old! )
Narla had a short spell with us in Elswick kennels where she was quite confused & a little clingy, but otherwise a great girl still & really enjoyed playing with the other dogs here .
Sooooo when somebody who had previously adopted a steady male dog from us asked to adopt Narla - we were suitably thrilled! The meet went well & off she toddled to live with another UKGSR dog. All the signs were good & we truly believed this was her FOREVER home.
How wrong we were!!

Later that year this couple sent Narla back to us claiming she was too dominant for their other shepherd & it wasnt working.
SO Narla again came back to us at Elswick. She was in a mess. Her skin was red , sore, she had bald patches from flea allergy & patches of missing fur on her ears. We were absolutely gobsmacked & this couple were severely choked off !
Bear in mind at this point Narla is not yet 2 yrs old & has now had ( not including the breeder ) 3 homes!
Understandably she was now showing signs of stress & was very unsure of everything. She had lost a lot of her bodily condition and it took us a few months to build her confidence back up around people visiting and return her to a good body condition.
At this point she was barking at dogs & people on the lead but we knew it was something that could be worked on.
In November 2020 an older couple came to visit Narla & she took to them straight away. They had passed all our checks obviously, were experienced shepherd owners & offered Narla her forever home. Thrilled that she had a nice chilled out future ahead with no pressure of other dogs or children in the home off she toddled! We shed some tears & prayed this was the 'one'!

Narla, gsd, german shepherd,
Abbie at the vets

BUT yet again Narla is FAILED by humans & 5 months later they dump her back in kennels saying she is reactive towards visitors & they cannot put up with that!
Well to say we were fuming would be a lie- we were gutted. Gutted this beautiful girl had yet again been let down. NOBODY up to this point in Narla's life had actually COMMITTED to loving her , or given her any kind of chance to settle.
After so many changes. So many losses. So many let downs & so much confusion its not surprising that now Narla has real trust issues.
Me & Kev at the kennels had been the only stable people in her life so she soon threw herself into our arms - but as so many other humans had let her down - they are now not to be trusted.
We can do anything with Narla! Groom , bath, clean ears, teeth etc etc . We mix her with bouncy, bombproof male dogs and she loves a rough and tumble play- but she is very dominant, and ott in play & hates bitches with a passion!
She knows us, she trusts us. In her eyes we have never let her down.

HOWEVER strangers are now a whole different ball game & she struggles to accept new people.
We have let her meet several people & mostly she will bark, lunge & snap at them - jumping up to their faces given the opportunity. She has met a handful of people where with very slow cautious sausage laded intros she has accepted them being around so we are sure there is somebody out there for her!
Narla's next home MUST MUST MUST be her FOREVER home or she will be even more damaged.,
She needs ideally a single person, who is confident & will not show any nerves around her at all. She needs a leader who will protect her - and not make her feel she needs to protect them.
NO children. NO cats. NO busy homes with lots of visitors. Narla will accept a few visitors, but intros must be carefully managed & slowly at her pace.
Narla could live with large breed, neutered, steady playful males, but they will need to be high energy as she really is a livewire!
Narla will give you her heart & total devotion. She will make you laugh with her cheeky ways. She will give the best cuddles. She will enrich your life so so much. BUT you must give her the same in return.

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Narla is with us in kennels in Preston,. Lancashire hoping one day she wont be A Hopeful - that she will be a Happily Rehomed girl.
Thankyou for reading Narla's story. 

Suzanne Syers

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